Zero Waste Event Partnership

Zero Waste Event Partnership – Currently Closed until Summer 2023 

Please call Keep Ohio Beautiful for more information:  330-338-8328

Keep Ohio Beautiful is pleased to partner with the Ohio EPA on a Zero Waste Event Partnership Opportunity.

Every year, thousands of tons of recyclable materials are unnecessarily taking up vital space in our local landfills. Special events frequently generate a significant number of empty bottles, cans, and plastic cups that can easily be recycled. By encouraging recycling at statewide special events such as: county fairs, festivals, and marathons, Keep Ohio Beautiful and our local government partners can help extend the life of our landfills and prevent our communities from having to build additional landfills.

Today, there is a growing expectation that recycling bins will be available in public spaces and at special events. Recycling extends the life of our landfills and sends a positive message to Ohio communities that we take an interest in the well-being and cleanliness of our communities and the environment. Clearly marked and conveniently located recycling containers will help divert significant amount of waste from the landfill and may save the community money on garbage disposal costs.

Keep Ohio Beautiful and the Ohio EPA have developed a material distribution program for local government and non-profit agencies to apply for special events recycling & waste reduction supplies. Our goal is to create an efficient distribution system of special event recycling & waste reduction supplies to local government agencies. These special events may include County Fairs, Festivals, and Marathons.

Funded through a grant from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency

  • Each applicant will complete a registration form and reporting form when ordering their materials and sending in their final recycling collection data.
  • Each community or organization will be able to receive materials and supplies for one event per year.
  • A minimum of 10 grants ($1500 maximum worth of materials per applicant including shipping costs) will be awarded until supplies run out.
  • Only government agencies or non-profit organizations can apply.
  • Each applicant can apply for a maximum total of:
    • 27 Corrugated Recycling Bins,
    • 9 ClearStream Containers and
    • 4 Boxes of Bin Liners.

Please fill out the Special Event Recycling & Waste Reduction Registration Form

If awarded a grant, after your event please fill out the Special Event Recycling &   Waste Reduction Reporting Form

Please view and use the Ohio EPA Zero Waste Special Event Planning Guide