About Us


We are developing communities that care
for the environment and individuals in Ohio.

Keep Ohio Beautiful (KOB), a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization, believes that everyone deserves to live in an environment that is healthy, safe, clean and beautiful. As a state affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, Keep Ohio Beautiful serves as Ohio’s umbrella organization for 40 + local affiliate organizations throughout Ohio. By growing the local affiliate network, providing a strong support system and sharing best practices, Keep Ohio Beautiful enables volunteers in communities throughout Ohio to improve waste handling practices, litter prevention, recycling, beautification and community greening efforts.

Keep Ohio Beautiful encourages public-private partnerships and the connections that strengthen our communities, protect our land and water, and improve our quality of life.  Ours is not an isolated mission. It requires diverse partnerships with all community stakeholders. Working together — businesses, government, neighborhoods, individuals and other nonprofit teams — we can be successful in improving our communities


Empowering Ohio communities to take greater responsibility for improving our local environment through litter prevention, beautification, community greening, waste reduction and recycling.


1986 – The Ohio General Assembly established the Keep Ohio Beautiful Commission with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Recycling and Litter Prevention (DRLP).  KOB’s tenure with DRLP was recognized by KAB as having one of the best comprehensive litter prevention and recycling programs in the country.

2002 – Keep Ohio Beautiful left the Division to become a 501(c) 3 organization, thereby enabling the program to expand and seek more private and public partnerships.

2005 – An expanded board was appointed and is currently working to re-establish state-wide support.

2007 – Our first State Roadway Cleanup in Columbus.

2008 – The first full time Executive Director was hired in 2008.

2011 – Our first Great Ohio Planting Day held in Maumee

2012 – Our first National Planting Day at the Ohio Statehouse &
Environmental Law Enforcement Training Workshops held throughout Ohio
Our first VA Hospital Beautification Project in Dayton

2013 – Our largest affiliate was certified – Keep Southeast Ohio Beautiful – Wayne National Forest

2014 – Ohio’s last large city joins us as an affiliate = Keep Cleveland Beautiful

2015 – Our first Great American Cleanup of Ohio Statewide Litter Supply Distribution; in which, Keep Ohio Beautiful donated over $141,000 to our Affiliate Network.

2016 – Keep Ohio Beautiful celebrates our 30th Anniversary as a Keep America Beautiful Affiliate!
Our first Earth Day Celebration at the Ohio Statehouse with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
Our first Native Plant Pollinator Garden located at the Middle Ridge and Vermilion Valley Service Plazas on the Ohio Turnpike
Keep Ohio Beautiful began to partner with the Ohio Department of Transportation to change littering behavior including Statewide Litter Summits


1. Education– The key to encourage positive behaviors toward community improvement.

2. Individual Responsibility– Improving communities, their environment and quality of life begins with personal responsibility.

3. Public-Private Partnerships– Broad-based community alliances are essential to achieve sustainable community improvement.

4. Volunteer Action– By engaging volunteers, we extend the reach of our educational efforts and multiply the impact of our actions.