Dangers of and How to Combat Metal Scrapping, Tires, Meth Labs and Illegal Dumps will be Covered at Environmental Law Enforcement Training Workshop in Defiance

Local and state environmental crimes experts will share their knowledge
at FREE training workshop in Rio Grande on December 4

The FREE Environmental Law Enforcement Workshop will be held on:

Friday, December 4th 
The event will be held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at:
Rio Grande College
Davis University Center, Conference Room C
218 North College Avenue
Rio Grande, OH 45674



Registration Form and Agenda can be downloaded
Call 330-338-8328 for more information.

Funding for the workshop is provided by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

Registered Sanitarians and Sanitarians in Training can receive 5.0 CEUs, SWANA Professionals can receive 5.0 CEUs, and Certified Legal Education is available can receive 5.0 CLEs.

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The national recycling rate has increased every year for the past 30 years.
The current recycling rate is 34.5%.
For America Recycles Day 2015, I pledge to:

Learn. I will find out what materials are collected for recycling in my community.

Act. Reduce my personal waste by recycling. Within the next month, I will recycle more.

Share. In the next month, I will encourage one family member or one friend to take the pledge.

Post. Take and post a photo of you recycling and enter the #Iwillrecycle sweepstakes.

Ohio EPA Litter Grants Now Open! – Closes February 1

The following competitive grants provide opportunities for communities, local governments, businesses and nonprofit organizations to establish and implement recycling, market development, litter prevention and scrap tire recycling programs.

  • Community Development Grant:  This funding allows Ohio communities to support and expand community recycling and litter prevention efforts.  Grants provide funding for new equipment  infrastructure for collection and materials processing, involving materials such as aluminum, construction and demolition debris, deconstruction material, electronics, glass, paint, paper-based materials, pharmaceuticals, plastics and wood waste. Those eligible to apply include municipal corporations, counties, townships, villages, state colleges or universities, solid waste management districts and authorities, park districts, health districts and state-wide recycling and litter prevention trade associations. The grant requires fifty percent (50%) matching funds to be available.
  • Litter Management Grant:  This program accepts grant applications from Ohio communities and nonprofit organizations to support litter and tire amnesty collection projects. Grant proposals must include an actual cleanup activity to take place on public land or public waterways, and involve the use of volunteers. In addition to local government entities, Keep Ohio Beautiful affiliates, boards of education and nonprofit organizations are also eligible. The grant requires a ten percent (10%) match.
  • Market Development Grant:  These funds are offered to Ohio businesses and nonprofit organizations that propose to create equipment infrastructure for successful markets of recyclable materials and related products. The program seeks proposals involving materials collected or processed in Ohio. Applicants must be sponsored by an eligible governmental agency who will serve as the grant applicant and a pass-through agency for documenting and receiving funds.  The business or nonprofit organization must commit to provide one hundred percent (100%) matching funds.
  • Scrap Tire Grant:  This program provides financial assistance to Ohio’s local government entities and Ohio businesses to convert manufacturing operations to accept scrap tire material, expand tire processing operations, or utilize scrap tire material in civil engineering projects or manufactured products.  Businesses or non-profit organizations may also receive scrap tire market development funding, but must secure a local government sponsor to serve as the grant applicant.  The grant requires a commitment to provide one hundred percent (100%) matching funds.

Grant applications for all programs are due February 1, 2016. Grant awards will be announced in April 2016, with funding available in July 2016.  Additional information can be found at or by contacting Chet Chaney, Environmental Supervisor, Ohio EPA at or by calling (614) 728-0043, or by contacting Marie Barnett, Grants Administrator, Ohio EPA at or by calling (614) 705-1019

America Recycles Day Registration

It’s not too soon to start planning for America Recycles Day! Registration is Open.  Our online system makes this process very simple. Registering events is important not only to track what is happening across the country – but also, to populate the map of events on the America Recycles Day website.

Transform Your Space with These Epic Green Mini-Makeovers

Check out this article about Simple Ways to Green Your Home written for us by Modernize.





Do you have any community eyesores? How many times have you passed by a litter-strewn park or graffiti-splashed building and wished it would go away? Perhaps it’s the local playground plagued with garbage or maybe a recycling effort needs a jump-start. Whatever the concern, a solution is just around the corner. All it takes is someone to say “enough is enough” and work with community members to eliminate the problem. It’s a great way to improve your local community and be one of the millions of volunteers involved in the Great American Cleanup!

Visit the Calendar of Events for More Information on How to become involved in Ohio’s Great American Cleanups!

Our Focus Areas

Studies have shown that a beautified community translates into a safe, healthy community and improves quality of life. Projects supported by Keep Ohio Beautiful encompass the three focus areas described below and include creating community gardens, preventing and cleaning up litter and graffiti, recycling and waste reduction.
Litter Prevention

In 2014, KOB and its affiliates removed 4,420,421 pounds of litter and debris from Ohio’s landscape.

Why It’s Needed:
While litter prevention campaigns have helped improve the litter picture over the past 40 years, it remains a significant and costly problem for communities and businesses. The Ohio Department of Transportation, for example, spends nearly $4.5 million every year to clean up our state roadways.

Litter also lowers assessed property values, drives away homebuyers and hinders business development.

How KOB Helps:  
We identify the causes of litter and reduce its impact by organizing cleanups and promoting proper waste handling in our communities.

Waste Reduction and Recycling

10,844,222 pounds of solid waste kept out of landfills in 2014.

Why It’s Needed:
Recycling creates more jobs than landfills and incineration. Recycling conserves our natural resources, saves landfill space, conserves energy, and reduces water pollution, air pollution and the green house gas emissions that cause global warming.

How KOB Helps:
We help reduce the impact of solid waste in our communities through integrated programs and education about responsible consumerism, source reduction, reuse, and recycling, and landfills, composting and waste-to-energy technologies.

Beautification and Community Greening

Approximately 184,258 Ohio residents were touched through Keep Ohio Beautiful and its affiliates’ programs in 2014.

Why It’s Needed:
Community greening improves quality of life, lowers crime and engages citizens. Buildings with high levels of greenery had 48% fewer property crimes and 56% fewer violent crimes, according to the 2009 National Visible Litter Survey and Litter Cost Study, commissioned by Keep America Beautiful.

How KOB Helps:
We improve the visual aspects of our communities through programs that beautify and naturally clean our environment – creating community gardens, restoring vacant lots, beautifying highways and shorelines, urban forests, planting native flora, and preventing and abating graffiti.