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Hey Cincinnati and Dayton Friends! Keep Ohio Beautiful has recently partnered with Target Circle, Target’s new rewards program that is benefiting nonprofits, like KOB! Check out this press release and make an account at www.circle.target.com to learn more!

Keep Ohio Beautiful (KOB) has partnered with Target’s recently launched rewards program, Target Circle.  Beginning on January 6th through March 31st, customers living near the Dayton and Cincinnati areas will be able to vote for Keep Ohio Beautiful as their favorite nonprofit after every purchase.

Target is partnering up with various local nonprofits such as Keep Ohio Beautiful, an environmental organization dedicated to End Littering, Improve Recycling and Beautify Communities, where Target stores are located. Target Circle is completely free to all users, and customers can sign up on the Target website or app. This program also includes a 1% back on every purchase you make, a 5% discount on your birthday and free next-day delivery for online orders over $35. Customers signed up for the rewards program will also be eligible for hundreds of new exclusive discounts. 

This partnership will help Keep Ohio Beautiful expand across Southwest Ohio and raise funds to support our mission to developing communities that care for the environment and individuals in Ohio. Keep Ohio Beautiful asks everyone that shops at the Target stores in the Dayton and Cincinnati areas to vote for KOB as their favorite nonprofit to support its causes and help Ohio stay environmentally friendly.

Keep Ohio Beautiful / Sherwin-Williams Paint Grant Program 

Keep Ohio Beautiful Paint Grant Program is a time to refresh spaces,
to give back to your community and to make bold impressions.

It is our chance to gather new hues, textures, project ideas
and helpful tips for spring improvement projects.
A coat of paint can make a big difference!
Open: January 15
Deadline: April 1
Awarded: May 1
Painting Projects will be held from June 1 through October 1
Final Reports Due: November 1
Sherwin-Williams is pleased again to announce their partnership with Keep Ohio Beautiful in support of the Keep Ohio Beautiful Paint Grant Program.  This wonderful grant is designed to provide community groups with supplies enabling them to renew a community structure in need into something beautiful through the application Sherwin-Williams paint along with supporting volunteers.


Our grant winners will be able to begin painting on June 1 after consulting with their local Sherwin-Williams store.  The grant-awarded community projects will have through October 1 to complete their projects.  The grant awardees, along with their volunteers will be eligible for up to 40 gallons of Sherwin-Williams exterior paint.


The Keep Ohio Beautiful Painting Grant is available to any Keep Ohio Beautiful Certified Affiliate in good standing.  Sherwin-Williams will select winning projects from the applications submitted; private property owners and individual applicants cannot apply.

Ohio EPA will be accepting online applications
for recycling & litter prevention grants beginning


November 4th, 2019 and closing on February 7th, 2020.

  • New for 2020! Academic Institution Grant

We are happy to announce we have added a new category for Academic Institutions. Public and private K-12 schools, colleges and universities are eligible to receive funding for recycling efforts as well as outreach and education, recycling equipment and conference sponsorships. Grantees have 12 months to complete the project, with a required 25% match with the exception of paving projects (GTR and RAS) that require 100% match.

Also attached are our 2020 Recycling and Litter Prevention General Grant Program Fact Sheet along with specific factsheets for each program.

You can also find out more information about our program by visiting our webpage at https://epa.ohio.gov/ocapp/recycling. In the meantime, information for our next round of applications (2020 grant cycle) is as follows:

  • Grant applications submitted online only
  • Online Grant Application Opens: Nov. 4, 2019
  •  2020 Grant Informational Webinar: Nov. 6, 2019


  • 2020 Grant Informational Webinar (same as the Nov. 2019, but with updates): Jan. 8, 2020


  • Online Grant Application Closes: Feb. 7, 2020 @ 3:00pm
  • The application process for this program is highly competitive
  • If awarded, funding will be available on July 1, 2020

The online grant applications are due February 7, 2020. Instructions on how to apply can be found at https://ohioepa.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2934.    

The grant programs available include the following opportunities for communities, local governments, academic institutions, businesses nonprofit organizations, and state agencies and departments to establish and implement recycling, market development, litter prevention and scrap tire recycling programs.

·       Community and Litter Grant

Local governments can receive funding to purchase equipment for the collection and processing of recyclables and construction demolition debris. Communities and non-profit organizations can also receive funding to implement litter collection events, outreach and education as well as tire amnesty programs (tire amnesty programs require a minimum $0.50/tire collection fee). Grantees have 12 months to complete the project requiring a 25% percent match.

·       Market Development Grant

This grant provides opportunities for businesses, manufacturers and material processors to create or expand recycling processing capacity and recycled material production. Funding is available for equipment specifically needed to remanufacture recyclable materials into bulk raw material or finished product. To be eligible for this grant, the applicant must have a government sponsor. Grant funds are reimbursed only after project completion through the government sponsor. Grantees have 24 months to complete the project with a required 100% match.

·       Scrap Tire Grant

This grant program offers funding for businesses, manufacturers and material processors to create or expand scrap tire processing capacity and product manufacturing. Funds are also available for beneficial use projects that incorporate the use of ground tire rubber and recycled asphalt shingles. Business applicants must have a government sponsor. Grant funds for business applicants are reimbursed only after project completion through the government sponsor. Grantees have 24 months to complete the project and require a 100% match.

Again grant applications for all programs are due February 7, 2020. Grant awards will be announced in April 2020, with funding available in July 2020. 

Keep Ohio Beautiful Annual Report 
Please enjoy our 2018 Keep Ohio Beautiful Annual Report.  Click Here