Hello! Looking to help boost your litter abatement of state roadways within your community. We’re here to help! ODOT’s Sponsor-A-Highway Program offers opportunities to enhance Ohio’s roadways by providing litter removal on Interstates, US and State Routes maintained by ODOT. Each Sponsor will be recognized with an acknowledgement sign placed at the beginning of the defined Sponsored highway segment.

Before you get to posting, here are some other steps you can take to help promote your event: 

  • Contact your Local ODOT District AAH Coordinator for more specific locations available.
  • Promote this new Sponsor-A-Highway program on your social media channels.  
  • Contact your community – Spread the word through email, e-vites, flyers and of course, through social media. The more avenues you use to get the word out about your event, the better. Contact your local newspaper, schools, friends, and colleagues to share and get involved.