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  • ‘The face of litter has changed:’ Gloves, masks, PPE in trash proves to be problem for environmental groups

  • Keep Ohio Beautiful’s National Planting Day at the Ohio Statehouse is featured in Total Landscape Care at Total Landscape Care
  • The Atlantic: Littering and Following the CrowdKeep Ohio Beautiful is mentioned in The Atlantic
    In “Littering and Following the Crowd,” posted on The Atlantic, Loretta Brown, a marine debris education and outreach specialist with the nonprofit Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies, states, “The best way for people to become engaged and change their behaviors is not just to inform them of the problem, but to have them actively experience the problem. It’s about having the conversation—that really helps. It’s a behavioral change.” Whether it’s the coastlines of Alaska, California, Maine or Georgia, ocean currents continue to carry marine debris to our shores. The costs continue to mount.  To combat this blight on our coastal regions, education and the reinforcement of social norms remain at the forefront of changing people’s littering behavior. Read full article here.


Check out this article about “Why Its Important to Have Clean and Green Neighborhoods” written for us by Modernize.

Why Its Important to Have Clean and Green Neighborhoods

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